5 Comforting Books To Lift Your Mood


5 Comforting Books

Many of us find our own place and utmost joy deep within the pages of a good book. A book has the capability of making you sad, cry, and also sparkle with joy. 

The storytelling and characterization have always been the major quality factor of a book. It is like a child for the author. Every book is special, but we do not like all the books we read. When we read a book, we develop an expectation about the storyline. 

In case that does not fulfill, we consider it as a not-so-great book. 

Reading books has a lot of effects on our mood and emotional health. It can boost your mood, especially when you get to download free audiobooks from the pirate bay

5 Comforting Books To Lift Your Mood

We have just mentioned that good books can boost your mood instantly and also help you to relieve stress making you happier.

In case you are hunting for some comforting books that can lift your mood, you are in the right place. 

Here, in this article, we are going to suggest some really great books from different authors that you can consider reading when you are going through a tough time. These books can be your escape to happiness. 

Book No. 1: The Girl You Left Behind 

Author: Jojo Moyes.

This book is full of the trademark brilliance of Jojo, along with great breadth and ambition. This masterpiece will take you to places you can identify along with the places you have never been before. 

This book connects our lives in the present to those who come before. When you are done reading the books, you will feel renewed by the story’s healing power. 

Book No. 2: Sushi For Beginners

Author: Marian Keyes.

There is a lot of buzz around the books of Marian, especially her latest novel, The Break is winning everyone’s heart, but here, we are not going to talk about her most recent book. Here we are to suggest to you one of the best works, Sushi for Beginners.

This book is a masterclass in infusing a nice book with deep emotions and unbridled joy. When it comes to looking into our lives ’ dark corners, Marian never flinches. 

Book No. 3: Big Little Lies

Author: Liane Moriarty.

The complex yet effortless storytelling makes this book a really special one. The pages of this book show friendship along with the kind of deep resilience we all have. 

Although it is a little gripping and pacy, you will still get to understand where to look for that resilience that you have within yourself. We would also like to mention that this book will not let you sleep until you are reading the last pages. 

Book No. 4: The Outlander

Author: Diana Gabaldon.

This series is a must-read if you want to experience cut-edge storytelling. The main characters, Claire and Jamie, will make you feel like you are one of them.

We can bet you will forget everything else when you will start reading this one. This series will become your old friend that you will love to visit over and over again. If you are feeling really low, this is the perfect one to go with. 

Book No. 5: A Vintage Wedding

Author: Katie Fforde.

Katie mostly writes about people like us. So, you can expect a real heroine, who is an imperfect and utterly relatable one. 

This book is all about two engaging characters, Rachel and Lindy. A Vintage Wedding will show you how ordinary people can become extraordinary when they are transformed by the community, friendship, and love. Be ready to fall in love with the story. 

Read Them, Stay Happy!

These are the books we are suggesting you read when you are not feeling good. All of them can become your best friend and will boost your mood. All you need to do is start reading with one. 

When you are done, do not forget to let us know which one you like the most. 

Happy reading!

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