How to Change the Google Maps voice on an Android Phone or iPhone?


Google Maps comes with tons of features that are not found in conventional navigators. With Google Maps, users can opt for travel alerts, hands-free directions, and much more. Moreover, the built-in voice module of Google Maps allows users to select a preferred voice, options which are based on language and region. However, if you still wish to change the voice in chad kimball google maps, this is how you should do it!

Change the Google Maps voice on an Android Phone
Change the Google Maps voice on an Android Phone

There are certain limitations to Google Maps that both iOS and Android users should be aware of and push through. Google Maps offers distinctive voices according to language or region; however, it does not provide users gender variations. There isn’t an avenue to either between female or male voices. Here, options for voices are profoundly limited.

Changing the voice of Google Maps on Android Smartphones:


Both language settings and the voices incorporated in Google Maps are entirely different from Android OS’s text-to-speech settings. In addition to this, if you think that changing the text-to-speech will have a completely different effect on Google Maps’ speech module, then you’re mistaken. You’re still going to listen to the same speech forever.

By the looks of it, Google Maps utilizes its very own language settings and voice engine for generating spoken directions and travel alerts. If users wish to change this, they will need to open up the app, Google Maps, and then press on the circular account icon location alongside the search bar.

  • ¬†Now, the menu inside Google Maps will be opened, and you’ll have to press the settings option.
  • On the settings menu, you’ve to scroll down till you find the ‘Navigation Settings’ option and then tap on the Navigation Settings.
  • Upon clicking, the navigation settings will allow all users to change their hands-free navigation works. For changing the voice settings for Google Maps, it is imperative to choose the option, ‘Voice Selection.’
  • ¬†Users will then see a solid list of the available voices, which will be further separated through language. In some instances, the voices will be separated via regions. For the record, both English UK and English US will run English. However, the only specific part will be in terms of terminology and accents.
  • After you choose your desired language, the menu will close automatically. And now, you can perform a voice search on Google Maps.

Changing Google Maps Voice on iOS:


Things work a little differently on iPhone and iPad. iOS devices don’t use Google Maps’ voice engine. Instead, they rely on the iOS’ default language settings and text-to-speech. To change the voice of Google Maps on iOS devices, you’ll have to change the language of the iOS entirely! Note that changing the language will ultimately change the languages of all apps.

To change the language:


  1. Head to ‘General’ in settings.
  2. Then choose the option ‘Language & Region for accessing the device’s language settings.
  3. Then click on the ‘Language’ listing on the device, i.e., phone language.
  4. Choose a language pack from the list and tap on the ‘Done’ option.
  5. Now, all you’ve to do is confirm the language.

Doing this will update the language of the entire device.

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