How to Join Sports Betting on Mobile?


Sports Betting on Mobile

Mobile gambling is definitely not a new feature, yet it is growing more and more popular every year. The only downside of sports betting on mobile is that there are simply too many options, and beginners usually get confused by the comprehensiveness of the sportsbooks. Today, we will guide you through the process of joining sites like on mobile, allowing you to have a smooth start there.

Selecting a Bookmaker

First things first, you will need to choose a bookmaker. It is the operator of your bets, and it will play a huge role in your experience. Choosing a decent sports betting platform is a topic for a whole other article, so we won’t focus on that here. For now, we would just suggest selecting a popular bookmaker with a positive reputation among other punters.

Downloading an App

Even though there is an option to use most sportsbooks right from the browser of your mobile device, it is much better to download an app. Thus, you will be able to benefit from an improved optimization, granting you better performance and access to all the features of the selected sportsbook.

With decent bookmakers, you will find the applications in the App Store for iOS and on the Play Market for Android devices. For Android users, we won’t recommend downloading any software right from the sites of bookmakers. Even though decent companies provide safe applications, beginners may easily get confused and accidentally download malicious software.


Once you have downloaded an app, you need to create an account on the platform. With most modern sportsbooks, the registration won’t take you longer than a couple of minutes. The sports betting platform will ask you to create a login and password pair, enter your email, phone number, and some other details.


Legal bookmakers will also ask you to verify your identity at some point. It is better to upload all the necessary documents beforehand so that they will already be approved by the time you decide to cash out. In most sportsbooks, the feature will be available in your account settings. If you don’t find it there, feel free to contact the support team.


The next step you will need to perform before you can start placing real money wagers is making a deposit. To add up your balance, you’ll need to find the corresponding feature in the app. Once you’re on the right tab, select a payment method you prefer, enter the deposit sum, and proceed to checkout.

It is important to know that the lists of accepted payment options are different for each sports betting platform, so make sure to check them before joining. Also, remember to keep in mind the minimum deposit limit for each banking option.

Making Your First Bet

As soon as the funds reach your account’s balance, you’re ready to place your first wager. To do so, navigate to the main section of the application, where all the betting markets are located. In most apps, it will be divided into pre-match and in-game sections. As their name implies, pre-match markets are the ones you bet on before the game starts, while in-play markets are the games that are already in progress.

Choose one of these two sections and find a game you’re interested in. Visit its dedicated page to browse through all the betting options available for it. Choose one of them and add it to your bet slip. In the bet slip, enter the sum you wish to bet and submit your wager.

Once the wager is submitted, you will only need for the game to end and your bet to be calculated. You can always track the results in the history of your bets. If the game is in progress, you will also be able to watch it in real-time right in the application.

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