How to Learn New German Words While Listening to Music


Do you like listening to music? It is a proven fact that songs positively affect learning a foreign language. You need to train constantly to learn German. In contrast to the monotonous cramming and tedious grammar exercises, the song is perceived by us as a rest, something light and not very serious. Here you can relax and not be afraid to make a mistake. Let’s see what bands are the best to listen to when you learn German and its rules.

New German Words

Udo Lindenberg


He is a legendary German rock singer and a writer and artist who started his career in the 70s but has not lost popularity. The invariable attributes of the singer’s image are a hat with a brim and sunglasses, which makes him very close to the permanent D’Artagnan of the Russian stage. The poet of German rock addresses the problems of losers and eccentrics and covers the topic of human weaknesses in every possible way, for example, alcohol addiction. Mellow, lyrical ballads by Udo are well suited for practicing German listening.

Die Toten Hosen

The band, founded in the 80s of the last century, along with Die Ärzte, is considered the most successful German punk rock band. They are the titans of German punk rock from Düsseldorf. The band’s name is translated as “dead pants” – a German phraseological unit that means boredom or impotence. The composition has changed several times, but her love for her hometown has not changed. All members of Die Toten Hosen bequeathed to be buried in Düsseldorf and even booked places in the local cemetery. The band calls for the fight against racism at their concerts. The performers support Greenpeace and advocate for a ban on fur for clothing.

Die Ärzte

It is a punk rock band with an unusual sense of humor from Berlin, who call themselves the best band in the world and, along with Die Toten Hosen, is the most popular punk rock band in Germany. Die Ärzte love to joke and never mind playing tricks on the audience, so the band repeatedly held secret tours known only to fan club members while performing under different pseudonyms (one of them was Die Zu Späten).

The band also advocates for the protection of animals. And in 2007, the band announced on their official website that they had changed their name from die ärzte to die köche. The site’s design was changed entirely, and the names of the songs, but in the end, it turned out to be just another prank of the Doctors. A message appeared on the band’s website that “the beginning of the year will be somewhat busy” and advised you to remember the dates: April 2, July 13, July 15, October 4, and your birthday. Of course, nothing concerning the b happened on none of these days.

Sportfreunde Stiller

The last album, “Sturm & Stille” was released by the band in 2016. It is an indie rock band from Bavaria named after Hans Stiller, the football team’s coach in which the band members played. One of the team members, Rüdiger Linhof, is seriously interested in beekeeping and believes that it can teach a lot about life and nature.


It is a pop-rock band from Saxony formed in 1998. To date, the band has released five studio albums. The band’s most popular songs are “Symphonie”, “Das Beste” und “Irgendwas bleibt”. Silbermond has been active against the far right for many years, which is due to the experience that the band members had in their native Saxony, a land known for its hostility towards migrants. Among other things, the band organized concerts under the name “Laut Gegen Nazis.”

Die Randfichten

“Holzmichl” is an old folk song, the lyrics of which existed in different versions in many parts of the country. It is a German band from Erzgebirge, which became known throughout Germany thanks to their hit “Holzmichl,” which hit the top three of the German hit parade in 2004. The album with this song went platinum, and uncomplicated verses broke sales records for 56 weeks, breaking sales records; the music is one of the most successful German singles.”

Listening to German music you can both enjoy the process and learn new words. Get to know deeper about these bands, listen to the music and boost your foreign language skills. 

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