What is Online Mixing and Mastering?


Mixing and mastering are two important components of the audio production process. They are entirely separate processes where the mixing is the primary step where a mix engineer will combine all the audio tracks from the Digital Audio Workstation(DAW) forming a single stereo file. The process involves utilizing Equalizers, Compression, balancing volume and frequency, integrating effects including reverb and delay, etc. These all make the product ready for the next step. 

After successful completion of mixing, the stereo file is then mastered. This process involves proper attention to the clarity of the song confirming the quality and ensures it will sound big, wide loud, and strong. Here it is double-checked for its sound compatibility when it is played on any type of audio device. With proper mastering, it will also be confirmed that the song is at the same sound level as other songs to make it seamless while playing. 

With the advent of online mixing and mastering the older times where one has to book an appointment of a professional mixing engineer at a physical studio is long gone. It was a cumbersome and time-consuming process that eats up a lot of your money. 

With the physical studios in a steady decline, it is becoming harder and harder for artists to find a way to professionally mix and master their homemade songs.

Mixing and Mastering

How to Find an Online Mixing and Mastering Service?

There are a lot of websites offering online mixing and mastering services and you might get overwhelmed with the options. More than options some of them are scams or fake websites of some reputed names in the online mixing and mastering service providers.

Before sending your song, which you made with pure hard work, through the internet, make sure they are reputed and real with the checklist below,

  • History of the company: Check the reputation by the time since they are at service and famous clients and companies that they have serviced and partnered with.
  • Client reviews: Look for client reviews in other forums too. Reviews could be fake on some websites claiming to provide online mixing and mastering service.
  • Experience: Professionals are the only reason you are seeking the service from the provider. If an amateur is working on it is better done by yourself than wasting money. Make sure the song mixer has enough experience in the field.
  • Price: With the long list of giants in the clients’ list, companies might ask for an unfair price for their online mixing and mastering service. With competition acute in this space, with proper research, you could find really affordable and credible service providers.
  • Quality: Just because of the new age advanced mixing and mastering to the internet, along with digital gear the good old analog way is also required and preferred for superior quality. Make sure the quality is up to par.

Equipped with this checklist you can brace yourself and can distinguish quality from the noise. It might seem laborious to follow through the list to find an online service. Remembering the cost you might pay if you get scammed and lose your original creation will drive you through the hardships. 

How Online Mixing and Mastering Works?

The process of submitting your stem is a cakewalk. After settling for a provider, the steps are generally as follows,

  • Make the payment and upload your stem after creating your account.
  • Your provider will mix and master the songs in a professional studio taking an average of 5-10 business days.
  • After the process is completed, you will receive the song for approval. Most providers allow you to make serious changes at least 3-5 times for free.

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